General Information/Description: Knauf FireShield - A high fire resistance performance gypsumboard. Knauf FireShield is a gypsumboard specifically developed to offer superior fire resistance performance when used in Knauf partition, ceiling and lining systems and also for encasement and shaftwall systems. This board is designed to protect your properties and family

  • Application: Ideal board for areas where superior fire resistance is required, Suitable for forming ceilings and partitions to fire compartments and means of escape, Suitable for protecting elements of building structure such as beams and columns.

  • Instructions for use:

  • Product info:

            THICKNESS: 12.5 và 15 mm
            DIMENSION: 1220 x 2440 mm
            AVERAGE WEIGHT: 11.5kg, 13.5kg/sq.m.
            INSTALLATION METHOD: For best result install with Knauf ceiling and wall systems.

  • Special Properties:

            Fire Resistant
            Noise Protection